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Boob Presenter

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~This is the 'Boob Presenter' as I call it, cuz it do be presenting them booba~

It's made from scratch, I am still new to making clothes but I hope you will enjoy it

It has 9499 Vertices and 3 materials~ feel free to optimize it ^^

It is weight painted to an edit of pandabears base model, however since it is an edit you will most likely have to tweak it

It does NOT come with the pasties

Terms Of Use:
Please Credit: Tij#2530 or a link to the asset if you use it on a model.
This asset can be used for personal and commercial use!
Please do not use this asset if you have not bought it.
You are more than welcome to use and resale this asset on fully finished models.
Please do not resale/redistribute this asset.
Please respect my Terms Of Service.

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Boob Presenter

5 ratings
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